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I believe the great leader draws everything he needs to him or herself, through the power inherent in his huge capacity to serve. When a great leader exudes that capacity he/she does not need anything else. That’s the power of service, when intelligently and persistently applied over many years.
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To be a leader means to have a vision. To have a vision means to see into the unformed future. To see into the unformed future means that you are aware of what the world needs NOW!
Then to be a leader you have to stake almost everything you have on supporting that vision, leaving only the smallest reserve to fall back on if you fail. That is why true leadership is in short supply. People do not have a vision. Then even those that do will not take the risk. And finally of those who take the risk only a tiny percentage have the creativity to see it through. And that in a nutshell is why there are so few true leaders. If you want to develop these qualities Trans4mind Training will provide them.
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Leadership is NOT management. Leadership is mainly about bringing out the potential of those around you - and in that sense anyone can be a leader! What makes you a leader is your ability to be aware and to understand people.
If you don’t understand people you can be a boss, and you may lead, but your company will be a hornets nest of unfulfilled potential and deep resentments. And sadly this is what describes most modern workplaces today. To be a powerful leader we need, like the person who guides a team of huskies, to lead from behind, and let the others all pull together through their respect for your higher awareness. It is that awareness and your willingness to act on it, that makes you the leader.
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A sheepdog leads from behind. To be skilled in this the dog must pay attention and be incredibly aware. The dog also needs the guidance of the shepherd who is his master.
Now a leader of people, if he is to lead from behind, is the same. It’s different from leading from the front. When leading from the front you tie everyone into your way of reaching the goal. And this does not require higher consciousness because it can be achieved by simply giving orders and dragging everyone along. Consequently as you progress toward your goal you will have to constantly expend energy motivating your team.
When leading from behind you have to be very aware. You have to know your team intimately and, by paying attention to their needs, guide them to the left or right. And like the sheepdog, you also need a master - only your master is your Higher Self, that wise inner guidance that knows what to do and when. If you have all these in place then you can lead from behind. The team will motivate itself and when the task is finished, then they will say, “We did it all ourselves” and you will give them the credit. However you are the critical ingredient because it is your awareness that has held everything together.
leadership quote
When a leader is a great leader, the people hardly know he exists. Although he may have started the work, he is delighted that others have joined him to carry it forward. As the project develops he becomes more and more invisible, because he has trained many others to be able to lead themselves. The work gets done easily and effortlessly, with a minimum of input from the great leader.

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