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Inspiring Garden Chats

Join me in my Garden at Boden Park, Rathfarnham

“If you take one step toward your True Self,
your True Self will take 10 steps toward you.”
forest walk

Wallace at the entrance to his garden

forest walk

The Glass Roofed Gazebo “Hot Spot” where we have our chats

The relaxing atmosphere of the gazebo allows for really enjoyable conversations on spirituality, life and the purpose of existence. Tea, coffee and iced water are served in front of the wood burning stove. High garden walls ensure a secure and private environment for confidential discussions. Although we are together outdoors in the garden, the gazbo's glass roof protects us from the occasional rain shower while trapping the warm sunshine and the wall provide shelter from the breeze.


Inside Wallace’s Gazebo

The garden has Wi-Fi so if needed we can look up information on the internet to support our conversations or to share our personal lives.


The Entrance to Wallace’s garden


Fireside chat during an evening meetup

Enlightening Forest Walks

Wonderful Living Room Conversations

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