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The Spiritual Path

“If you take one step toward your True Self,
your True Self will take 10 steps toward you.”
The Spiritual Path

Participating raises your consciousness. Awakening your consciousness increases creativity, enhances relationships, brings great clarity and reduces fear. All qualities you will need to become spiritually awakened.

You journey along The Spiritual Path with the assistance of Wallace Huey and his team of facilitators. You are given the opportunity to meet with Wallace and his participants online once a week in The Chrysalis. This personal assistance greatly improves your ability to embody the teaching on the path and to progress in your spiritual awakening process.

See the Spiritual Path below for all the resources available and for a structured approach to spiritual awakening. You can learn about the fees here.


~ How You Can Use This Spiritual Path ~

The purpose of spirituality is to become a seeker and then to transcend the seeking and arrive at enlightenment.

So what are you seeking? And how do you know when you have found it?

What you are seeking is best regarded as a mystery. It’s like standing at the entrance to a maze and deciding to step in. You don’t know where you are going. You don’t know what you are seeking. And you don’t know how to get there. All you know is that there is some incredible gift waiting for you at the centre of the maze.

That’s why, in order to discover this gift, most people will benefit hugely by having a Spiritual Teacher with a Spiritual Path they can follow.

Along with my team of facilitators, I can support you in travelling this path. I encourage you to set out on this journey not with the idea of gaining a benefit, to attain wealth or to come into success, but to set out because this path touches you in some way and your heart is drawing you forward.

That’s the only reason to engage with any spiritual path.

Throughout your journey I will be on hand to assist your journey and to make sure you are growing, both in your personal development and spiritually. This is an an incredible journey you are about to embark on, with many new understandings and realisations. Enjoy them all.

To get started, look down this Spiritual Path webpage and simply go where your inner guidance takes you. There are links to further your understanding at the bottom of each article and Resource links to provide services for in-depth realisation. With the exception of one or two books you may wish to purchase, all the blog posts and resources are complimentary.

Once you come into an advanced understanding you will realise that you cannot make a mistake. So go ahead, dive in and explore. I’m on hand personally should you need me. I look forward to supporting your journey.


If you would like to be taken through The Spiritual Path personally and have it explained to you - PLEASE CONTACT ME

An Overview of This Website & The Spiritual Path

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~ Be Part of This Movement ~


As a spiritual participant this section gives you the background to your spiritual journey. People come to the spiritual path, because they feel drawn to engage and often do not really know what is in the path or what lies ahead. This introduction to the Spiritual Path will give you this background understanding.

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Before the participant can have a Spiritual Awakening there is a lot of preparation that needs to take place. For most people this preparation takes years. Also there is no guarantee that the participant will ever have a Spiritual Awakening as it is offered as an act of grace by the Divine. However it is also true that by doing the necessary groundwork, you are clearing the way for such an awakening to be more likely. It’s a bit like a farmer clearing his land of weeds and planting seed. The sun shines and the rain comes and it is likely the farmer will get a harvest but it’s not guaranteed.

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The awakening process itself can be quite demanding. However if you have done the before awakening stage well it makes the actual awakening much smoother and easier. Also there may be mini awakenings, which happen before the full awakening. This section lets you know what an awakening is actually like and how you can best navigate your way through it.

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For most people this stage involves rearranging many aspects of your life, like your career path and/or your relationships. It’s an exciting time where you discover your true authentic self and live from that realisation.

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There are no adequate words to explain this final part of the journey.

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Step 6. VISION

Here are of some of the skills and qualities that may be released in you, the kind of person you may become and the type of roles you may find yourself playing in life as a result of travelling The Spiritual Path.

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From stress and fear to love and abundance

  • Join with a small group of committed people.
  • Be supported by Wallace Huey in person.
  • Learn the skills you need.
  • Gain the awareness to transform your life.


A world at peace with itself

Boden Park

Share the Pear is a community-building initiative that creates much greater...

While at the same time assisting participants discover their gifts through trading with other community participants.

It allows for the practical application of the skills and awareness gained from participation in our Spiritual Path.

It can be replicated in any rural, suburban or urban environment worldwide.

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