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The Spiritual Path

“If you take one step toward your True Self,
your True Self will take 10 steps toward you.”


The Spiritual Path

The awakening process itself can be quite demanding. However if you have done the before awakening stage well it makes the actual awakening much smoother and easier. Also there may be mini awakenings, which happen before the full awakening. This section lets you know what an awakening is actually like and how you can best navigate your way through it.

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The Path

Opening the Heart - Without Meditation

The Heart is the bridge between our three worldly chakras and our three spiritual chakras. And by opening the Heart Chakra we are forming a bridge between the Heavenly and the Earthbound within ourselves. This releases a huge capacity to care in a practical way.
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Spiritual Awakening is Given as an Act of Grace

Because Divine Power resides with human beings, it acts to align a person with itself, and it does so by releasing a spiritual awakening when the time is right.
opening doors of perception

Opening the Door of Perception

Perceptual breakthroughs are attained by completely natural means during a spiritual awakening. During awakening the door of perception is thrown wide open. For the first time in our life we get to see things clearly.
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Spiritual Forest Walks

Join Wallace for a leisurely walk in the Dublin Mountains. Occasionally deer and other wildlife can be spotted along with spectacular panoramic views of Dublin City.
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Spiritual Garden Chats

Join Wallace for a chat, Tea, coffee and iced water in the Gazebo at the bottom of his garden. Wallace lights his gazebo wood burning stove to keep you all toasty warm if the day is a bit cool.

The Spiritual Awakening Guide

This is a guided exploration. Have fun with it and use it to discover your spiritual awakening process.

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The Knack of Effortless Living

This ebook is effortless. Get it straight away. Read it in 15 minutes. Ponder it for hours. Master it over a lifetime.

Continue on Your Spiritual Path...

Step 1. Introduction

Step 2. Before Awakening

Step 3. During Awakening


For most people this stage involves rearranging many aspects of your life, like your career path and/or your relationships. It’s an exciting time where you discover your true authentic self and live from that realisation.

Step 5. Enlightenment

Step 6. Vision

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