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The Spiritual Path

“If you take one step toward your True Self,
your True Self will take 10 steps toward you.”


The Spiritual Path

For most people this stage involves rearranging many aspects of your life, like your career path and/or your relationships. It’s an exciting time where you discover your true authentic self and live from that realisation.


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Joy Ride - Letting Go!

An Invitation to Meet Wallace in Person

At a personal meeting, exchanges are more creative, breakthroughs becomes possible and a stronger sense of connection is established between you and your Spiritual Teacher...

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Wonderful Living Room Conversations

Join Wallace in his lounge to explore, with others, the mystery of life. Wallace will guide the discussions to new heights and profound realisations on life, its purpose, and meaning.
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Enlightening Forest Walks

Join Wallace for a leisurely walk in the Dublin Mountains. Occasionally deer and other wildlife can be spotted along with spectacular panoramic views of Dublin City.
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Inspiring Garden Chats

Join Wallace for a chat, Tea, coffee and iced water in the Gazebo at the bottom of his garden. Wallace lights his gazebo wood burning stove to keep you all toasty warm if the day is a bit cool.
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Invite Wallace to Visit your Home or Organisation

It can be difficult for some people to travel to Dublin, however there are very real advantages in meeting Wallace in person. So why not request that Wallace visits you? This will assist your feeling of connection afterwards, when you meet again online.

Wallace asks that, if possible, you use Wallace’s visit to introduce him to some of your local friends, so that other people can benefit. You also have the option of inviting Wallace to speak in person to your gathering. You can learn about Wallace’s speaking service here.

Contact Wallace and he will help you design your event.


Learning from Your True Self Tool

This tool empowers self enquiry through powerful conversations with yourself about topics that are uppermost. Regular use of this tool, especially with the assistance of a registered Facilitator, reveals the presence of your True Self and supports awareness of the influence of your Ego.

Inner Guidance - Completion

This final epiphany on the path of inner guidance is beyond mastery. It happens when the state of inner guidance is in no way separate from your everyday consciousness. It is a state of total surrender to the Divine.
Who Am I?

Who Am I?

There something in the question that endures - an indefinable Presence that is Present throughout all these changes of role and purpose.
True Self Loves Presence

The True Self Loves Presence

Companion article to The Ego Loves a Challenge. After awakening the person has experienced a fundamental shift in consciousness. What does this mean in practice?
The Art of Enlightenment

The Art of Enlightenment

Many of us imagine that we need to practice a plethora of spiritual disciplines such as Meditation, Qigong, or Yoga so we can progress spiritually. But is this true?
Mastering the Law of Attraction

Mastering the Law of Attraction

There are many faulty misconceptions about the law of attraction. Usually it is presented as a rather clever technique that can get you what you want in life. But does this actually work?

After Awakening Synchronicity Disappears Then Speeds Up

If our awakening is gentle and a natural next step in our evolutionary process, then we will have become familiar with synchronicity in our life, because it’s synchronicity that will have brought us to the gates of our awakening.

Through Awakening You Lose Huge Energy and Gain Great Power

People who behave in an inefficient manner are inevitably stressed. They have a lot of energy and spend it over thinking everything, chasing rainbows and tilting at windmills. By contrast the awakened person, like a condor in flight, has little energy but uses it wisely.
After Spiritual Awakening

After Spiritual Awakening Be Ready to Lose Your Personal Will

Personal growth is a gradual process of letting go of our own narrow concerns and responding to life from a wider, more inclusive perspective. For example, we previously may have taken sides in a family argument and now we learn to stay silent, listen and observe, to determine how best we can intervene in the interests of all concerned.
After Spiritual Awakening

The Secrets to Motivating Yourself After a Spiritual Awakening

It is common for a person to lose their motivation after a spiritual awakening. This sometimes leads to feelings of sadness and even depression. So why do these feelings arise? What is the cause?
Life Has No Purpose

Life Has No Purpose

What if life has no purpose? What if “having a purpose” is simply a quest manufactured by your ego to keep you busy and in search of something.
I Never Ask Why?

I Never Ask Why?

Have you ever listened to a young child repeating why? When we are young, first as children, then as adults, we want to know why things are the way they are. Then we awaken and this type of questioning drops away.


The Knack of Effortless Living

This ebook is effortless. Get it straight away. Read it in 15 minutes. Ponder it for hours. Master it over a lifetime.

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There are no adequate words to explain this final part of the journey.

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