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The Spiritual Path

“If you take one step toward your True Self,
your True Self will take 10 steps toward you.”

Step 6. VISION

The Spiritual Path

Step 6. VISION...

Here are of some of the skills and qualities that may be released in you, the kind of person you may become and the type of roles you may find yourself playing in life as a result of travelling The Spiritual Path.

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We all look out at the state of our planet and wish it could be different. We are committed to healing the planet. Our Spiritual Path offers you the opportunity to grow into a person who can make a meaningful contribution to global harmony and healing by being the change you wish to see in the world, locally where you live.

Discover the higher awareness skills of the spiritually awakened...


1. What is a Global Visionary?

A Global Visionary through his work inspires others to care about those issues that affect the welfare of the whole world - the people, the animal kingdom and the environment.

2. What is a Seer?

To create an original work you must become a seer with eyes of spirit, that penetrate an invisible world and see the unformed future, which is the potential birthing place of an innovative product, service, invention or artistic achievement. Then you need to go into labour!
To Achieve Wealth

3. What is a Spiritual Teacher?

Some people think that a Spiritual Teacher has no ego and that he is devoid of self interest. I tell you, if that were the case they would not be a Spiritual Teacher, they would be dead! A Spiritual Teacher has an ego and a very healthy one at that. But if you were to describe what their ego was like to another, you might be lost for words.

4. Welcome to The World of the Mystic

A mystic does not live from the mind. He has little interest in beliefs or concepts or mental constructs. A mystic lives from the heart and the heart cannot be understood because it is infinite, unfathomable and incomprehensible.

Business Person

5. What is a Practical Business Person?

In business it is commonly held that you need to be self-centered and even ruthless to get ahead. I win, you lose! But what if there was a way for everyone to win in business or at least everyone connected with your business. Would that be practical?


6. What is a Creative Genius?

The creative genius looks into the far distant future, into the unformed world. It is this world of pure potential that calls him forward and which resonates profoundly and deeply within his own heart and that he knows contains his own particular life purpose.


7. What is a Great Leader?

When a leader is a great leader, the people hardly know he exists. Although he may have started the work, he is delighted that others have joined him to carry it forward. As the project develops he becomes more and more invisible, because he has trained many others to be able to lead themselves. The work gets done easily and effortlessly, with a minimum of input from the great leader.
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Spiritual Forest Walks

Join Wallace for a leisurely walk in the Dublin Mountains. Occasionally deer and other wildlife can be spotted along with spectacular panoramic views of Dublin City.
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Spiritual Garden Chats

Join Wallace for a chat, Tea, coffee and iced water in the Gazebo at the bottom of his garden. Wallace lights his gazebo wood burning stove to keep you all toasty warm if the day is a bit cool.

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From stress and fear to love and abundance

  • Join with a small group of committed people.
  • Be supported by Wallace Huey in person.
  • Learn the skills you need.
  • Gain the awareness to transform your life.


A world at peace with itself

Boden Park

Share the Pear is a community-building initiative that creates much greater...

  • social cohesion
  • community spirit
  • personal abundance

While at the same time assisting participants discover their gifts through trading with other community participants.

It allows for the practical application of the skills and awareness gained from participation in our Spiritual Path.

It can be replicated in any rural, suburban or urban environment worldwide.

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And turn what is your most stressful situation into a breakthrough!

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