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Why Abandoning Your Mindset is
the Best Thing You Could Ever Do

Abandoning Your Mindset

By Wallace Huey - Spiritual Teacher

Living with a powerful mindset is like being a baby in a carry seat. You have this mindset because you feel it delivers security in an uncertain world.

You are so proud of your mindset. The time you took to build it. The doors it opens for you. The status it gives you. But you know something is not right. Your mindset does not fit you perfectly. Being in the concrete box of your mindset, feels cramped and limited. You feel you are not living at your full potential.

You KNOW something is amiss. You may not be able to explain it but you KNOW.

What if all this assumed capability is an illusion built up over many years, so you could secure your place in the world. What if your mindset, instead of releasing your potential, actually acted as a baby carry seat? It holds you secure, but it also prevents you from exploring the world. It prevents you growing up and becoming your own person.

What if, like the young child, who outgrows it’s carry seat, you were to abandon your mindset? What would happen to your potential? Without a boundary might your potential be far greater. Might it even be limitless! But how can you find your way without a boundary, without a community of peers, without any external validation?

That is what this article is about…how to lead your life without limits and without recognition of any kind.

Scary huh? Stay tuned for a fresh perspective.

They actually do, in that they each have a mode of behaviour that is fixed and predetermined. But as human beings we are capable of an infinity of possibilities. Most of these possibilities lie outside our own particular mindset.

You are a piece of nature. But as a human being you are unique within the natural world in that you have limitless potential. And that potential is realised by those minority of human beings who abandon their mindset. We may not have grown wings like a seagull, but Orville and Wright grew those wings in their imagination, and went on to invent powered flight. Could they ever had managed this within their existing mindset, as bicycle mechanics?

So if you are to abandon your mindset, with what can you replace it? Without the rules and norms of your mindset, how can you find your way? When you abandon your mindset, you can simply replace your previous limited behaviour by making yourself useful. And the method you can use to find your way is to find unmet human needs and address them. But you don’t want to address any human need - you want to address a need that connects deeply with your heart and with your own sense of purpose.

How do you know when you have found this sense of purpose?

It’s like falling in love. First you engage with this unmet need and see does your interest in it grow? Does it fill your heart with joy? Does it encourage you to swing into action?

For example, you may be a lover of football. One afternoon you see some teenagers playing football in a local park. You are intrigued and offer to coach them. They agree and before you know it you are coaching a team that meet regularly in your local park. They invite you to visit their youth club and in time by following your heart, you end up coaching their youth team. Then their adult team. Then their league team. Then in time you discover your community of peers - people who are truly aligned with you and who view life in a similar way. People who recognise you, not for your mindset, but for the unique person you are with your own unique set of talents and abilities. These people become your fans, because they recognise something about you that they themselves aspire to. They open doors. You are invited to give talks. Your potential is now becoming limitless.

Everything beyond your mindset, starts with a few small steps, and then the way opens and you become more and more expanded. This yardstick question, “How can I make myself useful?” will open a thousand doors, provided at the same time you are following your heart.

Here are a few killer questions that will drive you back into your mindset...

And other similar “adult” musings.

The trick is to follow your heart no matter what questions and doubts may arise. There is sure to be some exciting new world waiting for you, if only you abandon your current mindset and let go.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step - as does your life of limitless potential.

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