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Spiritual Awakening is Given as an Act of Grace

act of grace

There is Divine Power and it acts in the world to cause everything to be in alignment with itself. And because this Divine Power resides with human beings, it acts to align a person with itself, and it does so by releasing a spiritual awakening when the time is right.

Some people do exercises and disciplines to attempt to awaken this Divine Power and this can sometimes work, but the outcome is often far from graceful, because the awakening is forced.


Indeed when the degree of forcing is very great, maybe through extreme meditation practices or disciplines designed to awaken the kundalini energy, then the outcome can be far from graceful. In some instances the result has even been prolonged stays in mental hospitals and/or massive life disruptions, such as divorce, prolonged unemployment or intense confusion.

This is because the human vehicle for awakening is ill prepared. The best way to prepare is to follow your own personal spiritual path, by addressing the challenges in your life, moving outside your comfort zone when required and generally living life full on, practicing the adoption of a range of personal development skills and attributes as you do so. Such an extended commitment to your own unfolding will help prepare you for your own awakening.

When given through grace the actual awakening will happen at exactly the right time and will be co-ordinated with other significant changes going on in your life. When this happens the kundalini energy awakens gracefully, and although life transforming, will bring about the necessary changes with the minimum of discomfort and disruption.

In my own case the path to my awakening began with a meeting called by the second in command of our personal development training company. When I asked at the start of the meeting what was up, my colleague Aidan, our CTO, said, “The problem with this company is you Wallace. You are very sensitive. You are too kind and considerate. You are a very innocent man and other CEO’s feel uncomfortable around you. As a result they don’t want to do business with you!” Aidan then spoke for an hour and made the case for him to run Trans4mind Training.

Throughout the hour, I sat and listened intently. Then when he had finished, I asked for three minutes to walk around the office building where we were based, to break the energy of the meeting. When I returned to the meeting I said, “Aidan that’s the best summation of a business situation I’ve ever heard. From now on you are CEO of Trans4mind Training.” I then gathered up all my belongings, left our company office, and never went back.

I was able to make such a drastic and far reaching decision, so quickly and with such confidence, because I had been following my inner guidance with ever deepening surrender, over the past 3 decades. As a consequence I always know what to say and what to do.

I then spent the next few weeks at home, at a loose end. During this time a friend who practiced energy massage offered to give me a session. During the session he saw and could sense powerful energy changes take place.

Later that week, my wife approached me and said that we had been offered the use of her brother’s holiday home that coming weekend and did I want to go? I agreed immediately because I could feel the spiritual energy in me beginning to awaken and I thought being at a remote country location would be perfect.

That weekend the energy started to awaken. I found myself rising at 3am going down stairs and doing some pretty advanced yoga postures, even though I had never done yoga. My body knew intuitively exactly what to do to help the energy begin to move and flow. Then after these exercises I went for a long walk in the countryside leaving the house at about 5.30am to go walk in the woods and along the empty country lanes and roads.

As I walked I continued to do physical activity that I knew would assist the energy to move. This involved flailing my arms around and screaming and shouting into the woods. It was just as well there were few houses around and everyone was asleep in their bed! This continued on and off for the weekend. Then on the Tuesday, back in Dublin, when my wife was teaching at school, I found myself sitting quietly in our living room, and suddenly I could feel the Kundalini uncoil at the base of my spine and rise upward through my spine, opening all the main chakras as it did so.

It was quite intense and uncomfortable and I could feel a definite sensation of heat in my spine. I was being cleaned out. It felt good and healing yet intense and cleansing all at the same time.

After this experience I needed to rest and settle into what had happened for about a month or more, so it was really helpful that I had no commitments professionally. Then gradually I began to emerge from this transformation back into the world. For the next 9 months everything I put my hand to did not work. And truthfully, I myself did not really have a clear sense of direction or focus. Then about 9 months out from the awakening I gradually realized that my true purpose now was to be a Spiritual Teacher.

This path had been revealed to me 8 years earlier, when at a similar but less intense impasse I had been told, with unmistakable authority by a discarnate “voice” when praying for a direction in my life, that I was to “awaken people spiritually”. Now 8 years later this command was coming true. My guidance was clear. I was to take up the path of offering myself as a Spiritual Teacher. Shortly after this my business partner and webmaster, offered to create a Spiritual Teacher website for me and within a week we had it online.

Since then I have opened myself up to the role of Spiritual Teacher, and as I did so everything has been falling into place. The new CEO of our company died unexpectedly and my business partner and investor agreed that the training resources and staff of the company be brought under my auspices as resources for my Spiritual Teacher Practice. My business partner also offered to make his web based resources including his 8,000 page personal development site, available to people working with me.

To me this whole transition from Corporate CEO to Spiritual Teacher has the hand of the Divine running right through it. Although the nature of the transition from CEO to Spiritual Teacher is quite extreme, it all happened remarkably smoothly and everything fell into place at exactly the right time thanks to synergistic coincidence.

I now know I am aligned with Divine Power and that this power is acting through me. I experience it in the spiritual energy I feel when writing and when working with people, in the positive feedback I receive and in the abundance of high quality resources that have been made available to me at no cost, to support my work.

That’s what happens when the human and the Divine become One. You are recast by the hand of grace.

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