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Who Am I?

True self Present

By Wallace Huey

We dream a dream of who we are. And this dream changes as our life develops. Our self dream changes from daughter to wife to mother to grandmother, from toddler to schoolgirl to student to executive to retiree.

So who am I can be answered in different ways in different times.

But is there something in the question that endures - an indefinable Presence that is Present throughout all these changes of role and purpose? What is it within that is always present, always true and always you!

It is clear that this essence is not material, not definable and not time bound. It is spiritual in nature and character. It can only be known as energy. Powerful spiritual energy. And like all energy it can be felt and experienced. But it is not only of this world. It interpenetrates, blends with and effects the world, while remaining apart from it. This energy is your your essence, beyond all descriptive power.

Your essence is beyond all dreams, all purposes, all roles. It is vacant and full, powerful and powerless, free and predestined. It is within you and beyond you. We cannot call it you for to do so is to define and limit and this is not it’s nature.

It is best described by its effect which is eternally loving.

So feel free to dream your dreams, but know that you are both the dream and the one who dreams. Your are beyond description.

And you thought you were merely human!

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