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There is No Death, There is Only Life - Full On


What if death didn’t exist? What if it was your ideas about your self that can die, but you are eternal.

To move beyond self we need to transcend from the known to the unknown, from certainty to uncertainty and from past and future to here and now.

In the enlightened state we transcend both self and Higher Self and all that has us limited. For self and Higher Self only exist because they are each a manifestation of one another. When both disappear then we come into life - full on!

Full on life arises from within No-Self. This means there is no brake, no censor, no controller. There is nothing to achieve and no where to get to. Enlightenment is wild and free, present and perfect. Everything that is done, is precisely as it needs to be. Perfection personified.

Living life full on means you have arrived - that’s all.

Where you have arrived at is a mystery. It is a place without description. It cannot be explained or shared for it contains no memory, no past. It cannot be sought or striven for, because it does not exist in the future. Enlightenment is timeless, boundless, empty and full, present and perfect. It is the integration of spiritual and material in One World - the world of full on life.

So what is the purpose of enlightenment. What is its goal. Perfection. The perfect human being. Not perfect as in having no flaws, but perfect as a piece of life, where the flaws are integral to the perfection. Indeed enlightenment cannot exist without flaws. Just as the knot in the piece of wood, gives character, so to the flaws in the enlightened person give personality.

So how can you spot an enlightened person? You can’t. They are very ordinary. They could be the person sitting next to you on the bus, enjoying a fag and eating crisps. I kid you not. However you will feel an unmistakable aura of peace while in their presence.

We have built enlightenment up into a fantastical story in our minds. Enlightenment is very ordinary. No branding. The uncarved block. The feckless human being.

However were you to open up a conversation with the person with the fag on the bus and were you to enquire into spiritual matters, then, wham bam, you would find your ideas about yourself confronted. To the self, there is nothing as revealing and scary as a spiritual conversation with an enlightened one. You find yourself awakening while in their presence. And to the self, awakening is the most scary thing there is. It's your potential that scares you way more than your problems.

So next time you are sitting on the bus, be careful who you decide to talk to, because you might get a fright, as you awaken to the world of life - full on!

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