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Inner Guidance 5 ~ Completion


There is a Zen Koan that says...

“Before enlightenment chop wood carry water.
After enlightenment chop wood carry water.

But what does this mean?

It means you have arrived, that’s all.

In the beginning, when we are young spiritually, we have no goal. Life is lived in the moment. Blissful and unaware. This is life around the age of 8 years old. Then we begin to develop self consciousness and our ego begins to develop. It is this ego that has desires, goals and dreams. It’s through following these, that we feel compelled to launch ourselves on life’s journey. If we are wise, we will take up this opportunity with gusto - to explore life and do so fully, by following our inner guidance.

During the journey we have many adventures. Desires satiated, and unaccomplished, goals achieved and missed, dreams realised and cast aside. During our journey we experience wonder, loss, success, failure, revelation, disillusionment, victory and defeat. And this is key - what we learn - not only about life but about ourselves.

If we are open to both exploring and learning, and we persist in our adventure in living, even as the rejections increase, the risks rise and the failures mount, we may, if we are extraordinarily fortunate, discover the Pearl of Great Price. And it is our possession of this Pearl that allows us pass through the veil to a timeless land, a place without desires, goals and dreams, a place where everything is whole and complete in itself - yet paradoxically, and without any effort on our part, continuing to evolve and become something more.

We are then offered the opportunity to live from this place as musicians, architects, scientists, artists, inventors, writers, poets, seers, teachers and mystics and share this Pearl of Great Price with any who wish to give it a home in their heart.

This final epiphany on the path of inner guidance is beyond mastery. It happens when the state of inner guidance is in no way separate from our everyday consciousness. It is the state of total surrender to the Divine.


The Doorway to New Life

Oh Great Spirit,

Inspire me to...

Pray in a way that unites,
Write in a way that enlightens,
Give in a way that enhances,
Sing in a way that touches,
Speak in a way that uplifts,
Love in a way that transforms.

Empower me to...

Reach the confused,
Serve the doubting,
Comfort the lost,
Bolster the inadequate,
Strengthen the weak,
Connect the lonely,

And bring new life to all who enter.

~ by Wallace Huey

The Doorway to New Life.... Download the PDF ►

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