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What is Enlightened Consciousness?

Enlightened Consciousness?

By Wallace Huey

Where is the ego?

The ego exists as thought and imagination. This thought and imagination is always in either the future or the past. It is never in the present.

So where is your Authentic Self?

Your true and authentic self is a concept that you have created which acts as the polar opposite of the ego. This leads you to assume that the ego is “bad” and something you want to get rid of, and that the True and Authentic Self is “good” and something desirable that you want to aspire to and keep.

Integrating Heaven and Earth

However both these states are illusory. Transcending happens when both the ego and the authentic self are seen as illusion. This “seeing” and a permanent shift to living in accordance with this seeing, is enlightenment.

In the beginning was the One

Life was simple. But there was suffering. And a desire arose to escape the suffering.

And then the One became aware of the ten thousand things which the One believed gave rise to suffering. Life became complicated, confusing and stressful. So the One worked to see, understand and accept these ten thousand things. As it did so, it was able to weave together the One again, but this time the One contained the ten thousand things. The ten thousand things were brought within the One in an embrace of Love.

Then the One sees itself as both the One and ten thousand things and in so doing unites both Heaven and Earth and then disappears.

All is well. True wellbeing. Enlightened consciousness.

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