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To be Enlightened is to Be Totally Used Up!


By Wallace Huey

No goals, no purpose, no drive - to be enlightened is to be totally used up.

But “you” still exist. It’s your ego which has been burnt away. This is the great blessing to be found from having a go - win or lose you still win - spiritually.

To be enlightened is to live from Presence. And Presence is where you come to when all else that is within you has dissolved.

Where you go, what you become, is all determined by society. You are not in control. You never were. Your function is that of a servant, serving the flow of energy and expanding the aura of love around you.

But you? You are gone. No longer here. You are available as Presence - if people want your services. You feel no compulsion to do other than make them available. So if society picks you up, you will be carried forward. If society leaves them be, you will rest.

Either way you bask in love. The love of the person who has been totally used up.

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