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Enlightenment - Everything is A-OK

Everything is A-O

By Wallace Huey

There is a kind of acceptance that is beyond OK - acceptance that is A-OK.

What is A-OK acceptance?

It is acceptance without a trace of resistance. When human beings speak about acceptance usually they are referring to a manufactured or constructed acceptance. An acceptance that is reached after a period of reflection and quiet pondering. This pondering interlude is usually filled with human emotion. There may be some anger, resentment, fear, resistance (wishing things were other than they are). But when there is A-OK acceptance the mind is still and the heart has already and always expanded to embrace the other and the situation. There is no trace of Ego.

This is compassion. Acceptance without resistance. Acceptance with love. This is what it means to be a human being.

Such total and immediate acceptance is so healing, because there is no struggle in the situation for anyone involved. There is no blame. No wrongdoing is seen. For everything is exactly as it needs to be. Harmony reigns.

Christ is the best known example of such acceptance. He did not fight or struggle against his persecutors. He did not defend himself, or put up counter argument. He simply accepted the situation as it presented, and in that acceptance the course of history shifted. Such is the power of total non-resistance, which is at work in the world to this very day.

This is the enlightened state - love personified. So that even nailed to a cross everything is A-OK.

That’s the gold standard for the enlightened consciousness. And we all have it within to manifest our enlightened humanity in everyday life.

Ponder on this, implement it in your life and be healed.

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