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Enlightenment is Not a Goal

Enlightenment is Not a Goal

You cannot achieve enlightenment. You cannot seek it. You cannot claim it. Enlightenment is not a goal!

Does the flower need a reason to bloom? So to the human being cannot seek enlightenment. Enlightenment is an opening, a possibility, a wonder. It is beyond all descriptive power. Enlightenment is love personified.

So what can be done then?

Live! Live with all your strength. Live with all your might. Live fully and completely. This is the way to enlightenment.

Most people live with the accelerator and the brake on at the same time. I’d love to do that but… I wish I could but I can’t. Doing that will be really great but I shan’t. No wonder most people are worn out.

Imagine if you took your car out for a trip. You put your foot on the accelerator and then on the brake and you accelerated up the road. If you drive your car like this every day how long do you think it will last before it has a breakdown? Human beings are hard wired to attain enlightenment. It’s in our DNA. It’s in our psychology. It’s in our body. In fact you have to try really hard in life not to attain enlightenment.

What would have happened to us as a baby if we had stopped the urge to walk after we fell down for the third time. We would have spent our whole life crawling! Yet that is what most people do with the urge to enlightenment. They crawl along, then they ask, how can I attain enlightenment?

Enlightenment is not a goal. It’s a possibility. Take your foot off the brake. Make the possible possible and you will attain enlightenment.

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