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Enlightenment is Ordinary

Do You Exist?

By Wallace Huey

Who's looking at you babe?

It is common practice in spiritual training to be introduced to the observer self. In simple terms, this is living in a meditative state where we are occasionally aware of our thinking mind. This is the state of detachment - a state where our thinking mind, or ego, runs in the background, and does not influence either our behaviour or our emotional state.

The observer self

With practice, and especially with the assistance of a spiritual awakening, this observer self becomes constant and gives birth to awareness and to living in presence.

I call this living as our True and Authentic Self, because our behaviour is in almost perfect alignment with Spirit.

Observing the observer self

In time, living with the observer self gives rise to an occasional observing the observer self. In this state the self disappears temporarily and only reality is present. This reinforces and strengthens our state of presence.

The birth of No Self (enlightenment)

In time, and with due diligence and attentiveness, there is a pop and the observer, observing the observer self, is birthed into No Self, about which little can be said since this state lies outside the dualistic nature of language and the mind.

It is the full blossoming of Presence and, if continuous, can be described as enlightenment.

In this state one does not decide to do something, or to have plans other than the most rudimentary for practical purposes, or discuss past events since few are conscious as memory. One exists - that’s it. A state of delight.

But there is energy and the flow of energy, which is followed with gay abandon. There is no fear, other than a momentary and rare dart of fear to save from actual physical danger. There is a heart filled with love, and it’s love without an object. A transcendent love that surrounds and fills space.

The world, and all that is in it, is your own self - Love personified. The biggest surprise - it’s all so very alive yet ordinary. How could it be any other way?

I look around and what do I see,
Nothing else, only me!
The world is alive with mystery,
Love is love, and I am free!

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