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Enlightenment Never Happens to an Individual


Many people wonder how enlightenment can be approached and realised.

There are three final stages to enlightenment:

The first stage, the presence of a witnessing consciousness, involves the development of a consciousness that witnesses itself. This is self awareness. This continuous awareness of the self deepens the process of detachment. Everyday reality is being experienced, but we do not react to it. We are simply passive observers. The ego still presents as background noise, but there is a fundamental disconnect with our ego chatter. During this stage awareness operates as an occasional ego management tool.

The second stage, I am nothing, is when the ego chatter dwindles and eventually all but disappears. There is still sufficient chatter for us to be aware of our ego but it no longer has the power to influence or effect our behaviour. Our actions are through integrated awareness and universal understanding. During this stage management of the ego is replaced by spontaneity. We increasingly find ourselves behaving in ways that surprise and delight us - all self management is given up.

The third stage, I am everything, is when the ego dissolves and disappears. Thought still exits but needs to be called forward. The observer awareness dissolves into that of which it is aware, and spontaneous oneness is realised. We are no longer surprised and delighted for all is One. All is Being. Creative and delightful in and of itself.

And that is why enlightenment never happens to an individual. Within enlightenment no separate individual is present.

All is One.

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