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You Come to Enlightenment Through Failure

Enlightenment Through Failure

When it comes to enlightenment, failure is the catalyst.

I’m not talking about a particular failure, or a large and dramatic failure, or a very painful failure - I’m talking about total and complete failure. I’m talking about the kind of failure, that no matter in which direction you look, how hard you try, how creative you are, how intelligent your actions, how much you are trying to improve, and how committed you are, there is simply no way forward. You have reached a total end point.

I’m talking about a state of complete and utter helplessness - the last place you thought you would end up and the place you fought, all throughout your life, to avoid.

And then the joy and the freedom that comes...from not having to. You don’t have to perform, improve, succeed, serve, analyse, plan, scheme, dedicate, search, or engage in any activity whatever, either within yourself, or in the world.

You are. That’s it.

This place cannot be described, aimed for, achieved, claimed or declared. It is the place one reaches when one has totally given up. It is a place of complete surrender to what is.

And all the vast journey, stretching over most of your lifetime, and to which you dedicated so much of your time and energy, was all designed, unbeknown to you, to bring you to this utterly helpless non place.

And paradoxically...

Now you are fully surrendered, to the optimum action in any circumstance and to executing these actions with gay abandon.

Tee He!

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