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Through Awakening You Lose Huge Energy and Gain Great Power

Through Awakening

It is easily observed, that whenever we have a lot of anything, we are inclined to waste it. That is why people who behave in an inefficient manner are inevitably stressed. They have a lot of energy and spend it over thinking everything, chasing rainbows and tilting at windmills. By contrast the awakened person, like a condor in flight, has little energy but uses it wisely.

After awakening, when the dust has settled and you have adjusted to your new inner landscape, one of the first things you notice is that you just don’t have the same energy for things. Like a cat in the sunshine, you enjoy lying about, stretching and taking in the view. Many things that you used to address with ease, you just can’t be bothered addressing any more, or do so reluctantly.

Why this sudden drop in energy?

We realize that a lot of what we thought was our energy, was in reality our ego drive. Our ego loves to set goals and chase after them. It’s all part of being distracted from what is presently happening. However after awakening all that energy that we projected into the future into some far off goal is anchored in our present. This means we pay much more attention to the process of what we are engaged in rather than its desired future outcome. We become much more sensitive, perceptive and discerning as a result. And this in turn makes us much more efficient.

The result - huge energy loss, much more power.

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