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Not the Same as Getting Rich

By Wallace Huey

There is advice written about how we can make money and become rich through providing spirituality and personal development related services. I am writing this article to share with you that getting rich is fundamentally incompatible with spirituality.

“Why is this?” I hear you complain. “Do I not deserve to be wealthy? I provide excellent work. I really care. I put my heart and soul into what I do. I have trained for years. I have made huge sacrifices. How dare you say I cannot be wealthy from my work?” Do you see the common word in these last few sentences? The word “I”.

And when we seek after money we are acting to strengthen the “I”. The “I” is the core identity of the ego. And the ego is what stands in the way of our spiritual unfoldment and of enlightenment.

That’s not to say you cannot make money from your work, or that you cannot get your needs met. That works as an approach because the Divine knows what you need and will support such needs. But if you charge more than what you need for your own subsistence, God will close the door to true abundance.

However you can be wealthy in another way entirely. That’s because true spirituality will open the doors of your perception so that you see, in any particular moment, how you can take the resources around you and spin them to meet the needs of that moment. Notice, I did not say meet “your” needs in that moment. That’s because any sense of ownership of the money or other resources that are passing through your hands has to be given up for the horn of plenty to pour forth and work its magic as a manifesting, wealth creating, money generating, piece of spiritual software!

Spirituality and spiritually related services work this way because the Divine is training us to be creative, to do more with less, and to make the best use of our resources. We are being trained to be natural, not to waste the world’s resources, and to live like an animal.

Think of a fox. It is not wasteful. It does not take more than it needs. It finds what it needs from its immediate environment. A fox feels no need to hoard its wealth for a rainy day. That’s because a fox is expert at living in the moment and in being creative. One came and ate the bulbs out of our front garden last night!

We need to become as resourceful as a fox. And that is why the usual business practices of borrowing lots of money from commercial lenders, setting goals in the future, making detailed plans, and then working hard to achieve them, does not work as a startup approach for spiritually related projects. We need to develop spiritually related projects by forming cooperating teams, who operate from the same set of spiritually based values and who work together with awareness to share resources by being creative in the moment.

We can only attain enlightenment by taking a spiritual approach.

Now such an approach brings up all kinds of fear! Will I have enough? How will I get my needs met? How can I afford what I need? This is how the Divine has us confront all our fears around lack and scarcity, by bringing them to the surface. What we need to do when our fears come to the surface is let them go. And this will continue until we are empty of all fear. And when we are almost empty of all fear we become ready for a spiritual awakening.

So we see that getting enlightened is not compatible with becoming rich. In fact they are polar opposites. And that is why in the Bible it says… “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” Mathew 19:24

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