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Mastering the Law of Attraction

Mastering the Law of Attraction

By Wallace Huey

There are many faulty misconceptions about the law of attraction. Usually it is presented as a rather clever technique that can get you what you want in life. But does this actually work?

The best examples of the law of attraction are to be found in nature. Let us take as our example the humble apple tree.

The apple tree lives in an environment where all its needs are met. The need for energy comes from the sun. The need for water comes from the Earth. Its needs for nutrients come from the soil. The tree functions in such a way that it takes these nutrients, water and energy and converts them firstly into flowers, which are pollinated by local insects, and then into apples, which eventually ripen and are harvested by the local farmer.

Because the tree serves all these needs, it blossoms where it has been planted.

Now take the human being - we too are at the center of our local environment. And to the extent that we meet the needs of other life forms in that environment, so too will we will also thrive and blossom where we are planted.

The important thing to understand about blossoming as a person is that you attract what you need to the degree that you serve the whole. And for the human being, the whole is planet Earth. This means that the law of attraction works best when we lead a life of planetary service - it does not work well when you have a personal or self centered agenda.

So as human beings, what can we learn from the example of the apple tree…

Letting go of personal desires

The apple tree has no personal agenda in the way it serves its environment. It is not self seeking in any way. The tree simply serves the worms in the ground, by breaking up the soil through its root system and the insects in the air through offering its pollen. As a consequence it creates apples. That is its gift to the world.

Taking up universal desires

The apple tree’s life is one of unending service. You could say it has a powerful desire to serve all life around it and through such service it gets its own needs met. Even to the extent of attracting a farmer, who plants the tree in the optimum location, and who acts to help protect it from disease and wild animals.

Letting go of personal will

The other remarkable thing about the apple tree is that it has no will of its own. It will set out to grow wherever the farmer plants it and to do “its thing”. The tree is completely indifferent to where it is planted and will simply offer its fragrance and its apples.

Tuning into universal will

The apple tree is simply itself, wherever it is planted. This is true of the enlightened human being as well, who knows who he is, what his life of service is and who simply offers this service wherever he “is planted”. He does not seek to be planted in a particular place. He knows his home is planet earth and will simply offer his gifts where ever he is invited to do so. In this way his will is universal in that it is used to serve the Earth, in the most effective way possible.

Letting go of personal security

The apple tree does not seek to protect itself from the hazards of its environment. It grows as best it can without any attempt at securing its safety and security. Of course the farmer knows the apple tree is vulnerable and so acts to protect it by providing universal security.

Benefiting from universal security

The farmer plants the apple tree in orchards, which he fences in to keep out wildlife. He creates gaps between the plantations to help protect the trees from forest fires. He provides watering systems to secure the tree’s wellbeing in times of drought. The farmer watches over all the trees in his orchard, tending to each one with personal loving attention. So the apple tree benefits from the universal security provided by the farmer and this universal security means the apply tree does not need to provide security for itself. All of this happens because the apple tree offers its gift to the world - it’s apples.

So we can see from the example of the apple tree that all its needs are taken care of because it serves all the life forms in its environment. By using the example of the apple tree we can see that all your own needs will be met. By letting go of your personal desires, letting go of your personal will and by letting go of your personal security you are able to become a master of the law of attraction.

Now the Divine provides abundance and security in your life.

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