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The Secrets to Motivating Yourself After a Spiritual Awakening

Motivating Yourself

It is common for a person to lose their motivation after a spiritual awakening. This sometimes leads to feelings of sadness and even depression. So why do these feelings arise? What is the cause?

After your spiritual awakening a number of changes happen, each one affecting your level of motivation…

Let’s look at each of these in turn and explore their possible effects.

Lose many interests

Before we awaken, while under the illusory influence of the ego, we engaged in a number of activities that were not a reflection of our true and authentic nature. Maybe we enjoyed watching sports with our friends? Maybe we enjoyed entertaining and cooking exotic meals? Or maybe we engaged in an adventure sport like sky diving? Then after our spiritual awakening our interests changed because each of our earlier activities did not reflect who we really are. So we dropped them. And this sudden change of interests can happen virtually overnight! Of course such a falling away of long-standing interests can have a negative effect on our motivation.

Lose many friends

As we suddenly change our interests, we also, often just as suddenly, lose our friends. That’s because some of these friendships were built around activities we have now dropped and some were not based on a true and authentic heart connection - so they fall away. This can be painful and disruptive, especially if the falling away includes long standing romantic relationships or even marriage. Not easy! However it’s important to flow with these changes and not stand in their way. They are part of a new authentic person being born. The true and authentic you. Losing so many long standing friendships also has a negative effect on our motivation.

Lose your drive

This is a big one and is really at the heart of what your spiritual awakening is all about. When you awaken your sense of a separate self dissolves completely or partially. And since it was this ego self that was the instigator of your self motivation, your self motivation disappears along with your sense of self. You realise that almost everything you thought important, isn’t and this can leave you scrambling for a meaning and purpose to your life. Eventually you settle into the Truth - that life has no purpose and that in a very real sense, nothing matters. And this can leave you bereft of direction and motivation. However if you go with these feelings eventually you are reborn into love, which becomes your purposeless purpose and your motiveless motivation! 

Lose abilities that were not innate to you

Before we awoke we had a range of abilities, which we used to engage with the world. Many of these were abilities were an outcome of our education and training. Upon awakening we can lose interest in these abilities and this sometimes means we need to consider dropping a long standing hobby or career. As a result we can find ourselves at a loose end perhaps for months. Of course this has an effect on our motivation.

Become less interested in things connected to your mere survival

Your spiritual awakening helps you tune, like a laser beam, to those things that seem most meaningful to you - irrespective of their financial remuneration. Whereas before awakening, you may have taken a keen interest in certain activities because they helped you live a certain lifestyle and paid the bills for this lifestyle, after awakening you still take care of your survival needs of course, but get very good at simplifying and minimising such needs because your interests are the higher and finer aspects of life. This means that your interest and motivation for doing things “just to survive” is not nearly as great as it was before your awakening. Your newly awakened consciousness wants you to express and bring into the world your true and authentic self so most of your interests and motivation follow such self expression.

All of this means you need to learn to motivate yourself in new and different ways. So what new approaches can you use to motivate yourself, now your familiar drives and associated interests have dissolved?

The good news is that there is a different way to motivate yourself, but it may take a while to get the hang of it. Here are the essentials to effortless motivation and achievement. Enjoy them all.

Amplify the energy of people around you

Using the detachment and higher awareness gained since your awakening, observe how the energy is flowing in the people around you - and act to amplify it by helping clear the way and removing blockages. It’s easy to be motivated when you are doing a small act that gets a big positive result. Mostly people will appreciate you for this and may offer to help you in return.

Be a channel for Divine Love

As you become more skilled at amplifying the energy of people around you it will open up a pathway which will draw other people and added energy into your orbit. In time you may reach a place where your energy inputs are small but powerful and the channel for change you have opened is wide and effective. You find yourself at the centre of a Divine Vortex where you are doing little, but paradoxically your presence at the center of the vortex is essential for it to function. Again very little motivation is required. The creative actions manifesting around you are more dependent on your presence than on your motivation.

Spend time alone so you become more open to Divine Inspiration

Once you have settled into Presence time spent alone will bear fruit in the form of new projects and new ideas. It’s not that you are motivated to come up with fresh initiatives, it’s more that the inner emptiness you possess is a manifestation of the whole of consciousness - connected to everyone and everything in a way the mind simply cannot match. So that when you bring your empty inner vessel to this present state and hold it there, it cannot help but be filled by the next important task or step on your journey. Once again, no motivation is required.

Offer higher consciousness as the way you add value

Some people on the post awakening path wonder how they will get their own needs met and how they will pay the bills. Remember the higher awareness you bring to those around you holds great value and can be turned, in some cases, into a monetary or other form of return. It may require a bit of creative thinking and a novel approach, but the Divine is always ready to match your output with input - your task is to develop the means for this input to flow back to you. This allows you to get your needs met, financial and otherwise, without any effort. 

Align consistently with your innate gifts, talents and interests

As a result of your spiritual awakening you will have uncovered more of your innate talents and interests. This uncovering will encourage you to explore life in new directions leading to possible new career choices and ways of being of service. Because these talents and interests are innate, you will find you are able to engage in them without any need for motivation. By corollary you will also discover that the pre awakening talents that do not come naturally need a great deal of motivation to engage in them. Consequently post awakening it makes personal and psychological sense to seek ways to transfer your focus away from your old outgrown talents and toward your newly discovered innate talents. Transition times like these are exciting and can be challenging but lead to a life doing exclusively what you love with very little or no need for motivation.

Form associations and partnerships with others as an approach to getting your own needs met

With the massive falling away of ego that accompanies a spiritual awakening, it is much easier to form partnerships and associations with others who have complimentary skills. This is because post awakening you are much more perceptive and trusting. This encourages you to drop many of the ego defences that pre awakening kept others away. Consequently it is easier for you to put together partnerships, teams and groups that are powerful supports for you and your work. This further reduces your need to be motivated because now you are part of a team, whose energy helps carry you forward.

Spot opportunities for effortless self expression and meaningful relationships in everyday life

Post awakening we not only know ourselves better but are also aligned with this true and authentic self. This self knowledge and self alignment makes it easy and natural for us to spot opportunities for genuine self expression in all our relationships. This means our relationships that either survived the awakening consciousness upgrade or new relationships formed post awakening, flow much more smoothly and are more creative. This leads to an effortless quality to all our relationships where there is no need for motivation.

As you adapt to your new life post awakening without the same need for motivating yourself you may find, that on occasion, things are quiet and there is not much movement in any direction. During times like these be with non judgement, not trying, and not forcing.

When opportunities for expressing your true and authentic self arise so will your energy and motivation.

If you are called to do a large piece of work your energy and motivation will be large so that it matches the task you have been given.

It’s not necessary to have any goals or plans. Pay attention to the actions you are being drawn to take in every moment and go with them, trusting this newly received energy is taking you where you need to go.

Go with it and make hay when the sun shines. 

Allow yourself to be an Instrument of the Divine. Remember you are not in control. Simply allow the Divine to express itself through you as and when it pleases.

Enjoy creating effortlessly and spontaneously from your newly awakened higher consciousness.

The more Divine Love you channel through this approach the more exuberance you will experience. At this point you will no longer need to motivate yourself, because your self will have dissolved as a separate motivating force and will be replaced by your universal self which is flowing effortlessly and joyfully through life in present moment awareness.

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