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I Never Ask Why?

Never Ask Why

Have you ever listened to a young child repeating why? When we are young, first as children, then as adults, we want to know why things are the way they are. Then we awaken and this type of questioning drops away.

As we center ourselves in the present moment, ‘why’ loses all value. Why means we strive to know and to understand. In Presence, we have let go of all striving and are content to BE. But this is not a passive state. BEING is an active state in which we PAY ATTENTION. To what do we pay attention? To this moment and all it contains. And each moment contains…

Our feelings
Our sense impressions
Our environment
Our communications
Our inspired thoughts

So we can see that to pay attention is to be aware of a lot. When we ask ‘why’, our awareness is taken from us and we are propelled into the mind with all its mental chatter and concepts. Far better to live in a near permanent state of NOT KNOWING. When we open to our ignorance, then our faculties come alive with all the impressions listed above. Our awareness is greatly heightened.

This means that in the first half of life, we are focussed on knowledge, and the education services support this. And this is not wrong, but it is limited and rigid. We begin to live out our life from our knowledge rather than what we sense. And this is a big difference. There is a reason the word sense is contained in the word sensitivity. And opening to our sensitivity is the pathway to awakening and then enlightenment.

When we are sensitive, tuned in and turned on, every door opens. We are making the right moves at the right time. We are experiencing life as a dance - its like hip hop, salsa, ballet and waltz all rolled into one, as we magically merge movement with stillness.

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