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Opening the Door of Perception

opening doors of perception

Many people experiment with different drugs, in order to see life differently. And we all know such experimentation has its risks. But not many know that perceptual breakthroughs are attained by completely natural means during a spiritual awakening. During awakening the door of perception is thrown wide open.

During our awakening we shed lifetimes of conditioning. The energetic shift during awakening in a few days clears away our remaining psychic residue. This means that in the weeks and months that follow, for the first time in our life we get to see things clearly.

What is seeing clearly.

It’s simply seeing everything as it is.

When you develop the capacity to see everything as it is, people label you as a mystic.

Before awakening our mind was so cluttered with beliefs, opinions, speculations, wonderings, imaginings, pains, distortions and other related mental dysfunction that it was a miracle we could function at all. Now we see both ourselves and the world as it is. This makes living in the present quite effortless. Aware is not something we practice, rather something we are.

There is a certain amount of grief and loss from awakening. We were attached to the dream. It was so comforting. So creative. So much fun. Now we are left dwelling in the utter simplicity of the here and now. Nowhere to get to, nowhere to go, nothing to achieve.

Bliss can be surprisingly empty when it arrives! And that is something not often mentioned in the spiritual texts.

And with awakening comes disillusionment. You see society for what it is…all the craziness and the machinations of the ego at play. Nothing is hidden, it’s all there to be seen for what it is. You knew it before of course - as a theory, as something you had learned or picked up from someone else. We all know the world is on a chaotic knife edge - right? But now you see it for real. And you accept it the way it is. How could it ever be any different. Everything acting to give rise to everything else. Darkness evolving into light, when things are let to go their natural path. And even the desire to interfere and control, is all part of the dance.

You get to see just how much resistance there is in humanity. And why great luminaries like Jesus, Gandhi, and others met their end the way they did. And you in an oft moment, wonder if you will meet with the same fate!

And the ego…yes the ego. You get to see just how much it held you in its trap. And as well as feeling grief for the loss of the illusion, you also rejoice in being set free from its beguiling grip.

And the seeing. Now you see everything so clearly. Your mind is like a mountain pond. Crystal clear. Where before their was murk and mud, now there is complete transparency. And the joy that arises from seeing life in its virgin, untarnished wholeness, muck and all.

During awakening there are challenges ahead. But you give no thought to these, so fascinated are you with the new world opened within and about you.

Now the real task starts. The task of healing. You have so much to offer and interestingly no compulsion to offer it. So you take your time.

You step out from the chrysalis of your awakening back into society as a transformed human being. A person no one will understand. The perpetual outsider.

And you are content in your aloneness - sovereignty reigns supreme.

Now the real work and the real challenge begins.

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