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What is the Purpose of Spiritual Awakening?


There is no purpose to Spiritual Awakening, other than to awaken to your true authentic self and to bring who you truly are into the world. To be who you are is the highest possibility.

And you feel the power of this after you have awakened. For example I used to enjoy business activities before I awakened, but after I awakened I completely lost interest in all business activities, these included investments I had, the company I ran, business events I used to attend, and keeping up with the business world in general.

I had changed - fundamentally.

And prior to awakening, if I was not interested in a particular activity, I could will myself to do it. After awakening, I met very high resistance were I to engage in a business activity or any other activity, that did not reflect my true authentic self.

And we do not know who this true authentic self is without awakening. The energy that is released on awakening, clears out all remaining trauma and psychological conditioning and it is this which facilitates alignment with our true authentic self.

That is why I do not recommend that people have spiritual awakening as a goal. Nor do I recommend that people practice exercises to bring about a spiritual awakening. Both of these cause the awakening to be forced. And if awakening is forced then it is painful and very disruptive to one’s life.

Much better, in my opinion, to follow your own spiritual path, by facing into and mastering both yourself and the challenges that come before you. As you do this you will gradually empty of nearly all fear and negativity. Belonging to a group of people who share this approach to living makes it easier to stay on the path. Doing this will help you feel part of our vision. This will both bring the possibility of awakening forward and make the actual awakening and its aftermath easier to assimilate and adapt to.

The awakening will be easier because your psyche will be largely empty of negativity and this reduces the resistance to the awakened spiritual energy from flowing. And the aftermath will be easier because you will have come close to your authentic self prior to awakening, and built a life around that close proximity. This means that on awakening the jump in consciousness and the consequent changes to your life will be gentler, making the whole process easier to assimilate.

For example, prior to awakening I had built an online personal development company with a training product and a team to facilitate its use. After awakening I lost interest in it as a company, but life rearranged itself around my new consciousness, so that all the products that the company had built and the personnel that the company had trained, were transferred to my spiritual practice and helped seed my work as a Spiritual Teacher. This meant that within 6 months, from a standing start, and working only a few hours a week, I had a wonderfully equipped Spiritual Teacher practice established. This was only possible, because the work I had engaged in prior to my awakening, was closely aligned to my true self.

The same is true of the relationships that are our closest in life. For example if our marriage is founded on an authentic relationship of love, then it is likely that marriage will continue to blossom after the awakening, as proved true for me. If you do not have such a marriage prior to awakening, the cracks that were there prior to awakening will likely open into a wide chasm.

So the purpose of awakening, is to awaken, but through awakening your whole life will be rearranged. This process will be gentle if you have not sought awakening nor had it as a goal. In other words, if the awakening has happened naturally.

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