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Spiritual Awakening - The Power Behind Our World

Spiritual Awakening

There is no longer any doubt. Scientists agree. The evidence is in — Mass extinction is happening. The climate is getting warmer. Pollution is destroying our ecosystem. Disease is spreading sickness and death. And this is happening here in Ireland and throughout the world.

The only solution is for people to allow the challenges present to raise their consciousness, so that each person will act with awareness and wisdom. As people rise to this challenge and awaken spiritually, they join with others to be keepers of the light for humanity as a whole.

Spiritual awakening is something that is happening alongside the current planetary emergency - it is not happening separately from it. They are not two separate phenomena. They are one evolutionary process. The environmental imperative and spiritual awakening can and do need each other, like yin and yang.

There is rightly much focus on the actions that we need to bring balance and harmony to the natural world. Such actions are at their most potent, when they also become the vehicle for bringing greater balance and peace to within ourselves. For life is always an interplay between the material and the spiritual. Just as the teacher cannot teach without the participant and the farmer cannot fill his grain silo without seed, so too the Earth is dependant on an inspired humanity to become a conscious planet.

Ever since the first plant and animal life made its way gingerly on land many eons ago, there has been an invisible power that drew life forward. Many land based life forms evolved, each in support of the other and each with its own unique expression. This forward movement has always been unconscious and by that I mean a combination of the ever present life force, combined with natural selection. And these twin powers, one spiritual and the other material, have given rise, over many eons of time, to the natural world we all know and love.

And these same powers also gave rise to the human being, the only creature within the natural world, that could act decisively to create tools and use them to change its environment. And this is a game changer. And because human beings are not separate from the natural world, but rather embedded deep within it, from that time forward until present time, the world has been reinventing itself by conscious design.

As human beings we live in a visible material world, governed by invisible spiritual laws, that we are in the process of revealing and increasingly adopting as we invent our way to a life beyond the current impasse.

The only problem is, as co-creators, we, the human and conscious component, have a lot to learn. The planet is teaching us, by giving us feedback that comes from our mistakes and our successes. The mistakes are in the form of immanent and increasingly urgent threats to our survival, and our successes are in the form of environmentally friendly farms and harmonious cities. These form safe and secure islands where conscious life can thrive. Like Findhorn in Scotland, these are now beginning to appear as centers of conscious design - the new beacons of light, conscious communities increasingly peopled by the spiritually awakened.

So what does this mean for each of us?

We all have this inbuilt need to be our own hero. Indeed a myriad stories of spiritual awakening are told in cultures all over the world. Joseph Campbell discovered these stories all had a common theme. In his book, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, he reveals how, in each of these myths, the hero sets out on a quest to conquer a great challenge and in the end returns home, as an awakened human being, having conquered himself.

By attending to your own spiritual awakening you are both awakening yourself and saving the planet. And as you respond to your own particular challenge, you too will experience the growth pains of your own spiritual unfolding and, in time your own spiritual awakening. As the planetary emergency deepens, so too will the impulse to awaken spiritually, creating a new harmonious natural world peopled by a new conscious human being.

To play our part in this awakening is the wonderful opportunity presented to each of us who live in the 21st century - the opportunity to contribute to saving the world by taking up our own particular challenge and to being our own hero.

The only question is... are you up for the challenge? If you are, engage in this Spiritual Path to equip yourself to meet the challenge of life while maintaining inner peace and, as you do so, join in our vision to bring peace to both Ireland and to the world at large.

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