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After Awakening Synchronicity Disappears
Then Speeds Up


Some imagine synchronicity is a semi-magical phenomenon that exists out there in the world. But synchronicity is a reflection of your own consciousness - always.

Why is this?

We live in a multiverse, with endless dimensions and possibilities. At the centre of this multiverse is our own consciousness which is immersed in the greater planetary consciousness.

As a conscious being, awakening can happen in one of two ways - suddenly and unexpectedly or gently. If our awakening is gentle and a natural next step in our evolutionary process, then we will have become familiar with synchronicity in our life, because it’s synchronicity that will have brought us to the gates of our awakening. The power of that synchronicity will be a reflection of our increasingly integrated consciousness, which we use to spot opportunities and possibilities in our environment.

Then during the actual awakening and during the integration process post awakening, our lives become rather haphazard and chaotic. We lose momentum. We try different possibilities without success. We are like a passenger who has fallen out of an airplane who is grasping for something to hold onto. Because of our advanced consciousness we do not experience this as stressful but it can certainly be disconcerting.

The secret to dealing with it is to give up all grasping and to surrender to the helplessness and to continue in free fall. Through this deeper surrender we are learning to let all fear go and to trust completely.

In time our consciousness finds a new deeper integration and it’s at that point that we reengage with synchronicity once more. Only this time, because our integration is much deeper our synchronicity experiences are faster and more powerful.

For example in my own case, I experienced helpful gentle synchronous experiences in the build up to the actual awakening. Before awakening I was CEO of Trans4mind Training, a personal development company we had built over a period of 8 years with a team of 18 people. The Chief Technical officer of our company came to me in March 2019 and asked if he could run the business. I agreed and found myself without a job, alone and unemployed, and at a loose end at home.

During this alone time, a friend who practices energy massage, offered to give me a session. During the session, I could feel my energy start to awaken. Then a week later my wife said we had been offered the use of her brother’s holiday home for the weekend in the country in Wicklow and did I want to go? I jumped at the possibility because I could feel something stirring and thought the remote country location an ideal place to allow what was coming up to happen. Then during that weekend, in the privacy of his holiday home, the awakening started to happen.

The awakening continued with intensity for about a week, after which I felt completely disorientated. Then all synchronicity stopped. I spent the next 9 months trying different things so I could get back into the game of life. Nothing worked. Then gradually my consciousness reintegrated and settled. It was then that I felt the call to offer myself as a Spiritual Teacher. Coincidentally that was the time my business partner offered to create a website for me as a Spiritual Teacher. I accepted his offer and we had the website up and running within a week.

In the meantime my Chief Technical officer and new CEO of our company died unexpectedly from an aggressive brain tumour. My business partner and investors agreed that all the high quality online personal development trainings developed by our company be brought under my supervision as an adjunct to my Spiritual Teacher practice.

So within 6 months of deciding to offer myself as a Spiritual Teacher, I now had an established practice, with a quality online presence, supported by a first class method of attracting participants, access to an 8,000 page personal development resource website, all supported by world class online personal development training resources, complete with a trained facilitator to guide my participants through the online workshops, and with another facilitator standing by should I need his services. And all this happened while I was working just a few hours each week.

Wow - it was really great to be back in synchronicity again, and in an even more powerful flow.

So because synchrony is a function of one’s own conscious integration, then as our own consciousness experiences being brought to the gates of awakening, then experiences the actual awakening process, and then emerges in a much more integrated form, so too our experience of synchrony directs us up to the doorway of awakening, temporarily disappears through the transformation of the actual awakening and its aftermath, and then flows us out of the chaos into a new much more powerful flow of creative endeavor.

And that is why, after awakening, synchronicity disappears and then speeds up.

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