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The True Self Loves Presence

(companion article to The Ego Loves a Challenge)

True self Present

By Wallace Huey

After awakening the person has experienced a fundamental shift in consciousness. This shift has broken the connection between the thinking mind and the emotional body.

What does this mean in practice?

It means the Ego is still active in the background with its beliefs, goals and purpose, but this mental chatter no longer effects or influences the emotions. This means that after awakening emotional reactions dwindle away to almost nothing and the person blossoms as a mystic.

Accompanying the falling away of reaction, is the diminution and extinction of negative and challenging emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear and guilt. This means the spiritually awakened live permanently in a state of balance, love and harmony.

Along with the diminution of emotional reactions, is a falling away and eventual extinction of ego drives. This means the person is no longer interested in or motivated by personal striving for things like goals or life purpose. Instead of living with one eye in the future, the person is content to be here now.

The person rests in Presence.

Something subtle and amazing starts to happen from that state of Presence - a journey is activated that takes the person toward enlightenment, the journey from True Self to No Self.

To activate this journey the Ego, although still present, has taken a backseat, and in the forefront of consciousness is present moment awareness. This transition in consciousness happens because inner guidance, which before awakening seemed to enter into consciousness, has now merged with the True Self and there is no longer an awareness of ‘receiving” inner guidance, but rather of being united with inner guidance.

This then is the Non Dual, or Integrated, Awareness. In other words the state of Oneness.

Immediately after awakening this integration, although most definitely experienced, in most cases is not complete and it’s that inbuilt need for wholeness that automatically activates the journey, post awakening, to complete what the awakening has started.

This integrated, or Oneness consciousness is a strange land. There is little in the way of personal will, routines drop away as unnecessary, beliefs dissolve and goals disappear. These are replaced with openness, a security in not knowing and unshakable inner peace.

The awakening has begun the journey into enlightenment, a journey that unites the person’s inner and outer worlds, into One World.

Some might call this One World and ever-present reality, God! As humans we are not born to cower in a hole like mice, but to emerge into the light and stride across the Earth as Divine Beings. This is the destiny of every human being - to transition from human being to Divine Being - and the purpose of The Spiritual Path is to facilitate this transition.

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