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What is a Global Visionary?


A Global Visionary is a person who is giving his heart to the planet.

What does this mean in practice?

A Global Visionary through his work inspires others to care about those issues that affect the welfare of the whole world - the people, the animal kingdom and the environment.

The way a Global Visionary inspires others to care about the world is by creating his own unique vision for how planetary healing can take place. His is an holistic vision in the true sense for it heals the whole world.

Crucially the vision held is given a unique practical form that enables others to not only be inspired, but to become involved in a way that uses their natural skills, talents and experience and, in becoming involved, to support themselves and their families.

A Global Visionary brings life to the whole world, and especially to those people in his immediate network. For a Global Visionary can see what others cannot, can create what others dare not and can love in a universal way unknown by most. For the Global Visionary is not only in love with his wife and children, he is, in a very real sense, in love with the whole world.

A Global Visionary sees the big picture. His is a transcendent, unbounded consciousness aware of how the world evolves. His spiritual vision sees the hand of God move across the deep and shine beams of light into all the dark places. The Global Visionary works hand in glove with this universal spiritual power to help give it form and focus and structure so that others may find their place in this grand vision and contribute to the evolution of the planet.

A Global Visionary is unstoppable simply because his vision meets a need so important, so immediate and so clear, that thousands are drawn into his orbit. They see their own life purpose, their own highest need for self expression and their own need for safety and security met within the structures and the systems that the Global Visionary has built.

In time the Global Visionary builds a healing structure and system so powerful that it develops a life of its own, independent of the man or woman who conceived it. It is at this point that the Global Visionary knows his work has been done and that what started life as his private passion is now owned and sustained by the whole planet.

At this point the Global Visionary returns to whence he came and takes his rest, thankful that his own life purpose and personal calling has been birthed into the world to continue without any need of his labour.

It is then that others think the Global Visionary has retreated from life. But they are mistaken for he gave his heart to the planet and the world, and everyone in it, now lives within him.

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