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What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening?

This entire blog is devoted to educating the reader in all aspects of a spiritual awakening. But what is a spiritual awakening at least in the way I am defining it?

The term spiritual awakening is used by many people to mean many things. For the purposes of this blog I give the term quite a specific definition -

A spiritual awakening is when the spiritual energy that lies at the base of your spine, has been awakened and has risen upward through all the 7 main chakras.

This event can be experienced by anyone at any time and is life transforming. Once awakened the energy clears out your remaining psychological residue and has you come at life through your true authentic self. It brings great peace and increases sensitivity and awareness. In India, where these things are better understood and more discussed, they have a name for it - a Kundalini Awakening.

This blog is not an academic study of the phenomenon, but a charting of one person’s experience with kundalini energy and the after effects he experienced. It is written in the hope that others who are having spiritual emergencies of one kind or another will benefit.

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