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What is Spiritual Love?

Spiritual Love

All of us experience love first through relationships with other people. As a child this relationship may be with our mother and our father. In this initial experience, as young infants we are completely open and helpless. Our parents love nurtures us physically, emotionally and spiritually. If we are fortunate this love is high quality and we thrive.

Then perhaps our siblings are part of our experience and we thrive some more.

Then our teachers and friends and other influence us outside our immediate family.

However this love is conditional. Learn to tie your shoe laces and I’ll get your tea. Pass this test and you will get an “A” grade. Wear this pullover I’ve bought and I’ll buy you an ice cream.

So from an early age we experience love as a transaction - you do this for me and I’ll give you this in exchange. And this experience of love as a transaction continues into adulthood, further education and reaches its climax in our working life. You do this for me and I will pay you €50,000 a year.

Consequently once we reach adulthood love has become business. And many of us go on to create personal amorous relationships, whether with friends or life partners, where this transactional love is part of the deal. The prenup agreement. The dowry. Or simply the voiced, or inferred expectation.

And this can be good and healthy - as far as it goes.

But is there a love beyond the transaction, beyond a love that always asks, “What’s in it for me?” For this question of what’s in it for me is the question the ego asks. The spirit doesn’t know how to ask this question.

And that’s how you can tell if a Spiritual Teacher is Divinely Inspired - he never asks, “What’s in it for me?” This is also the love of the musician who plays purely for the love of doing so. Or the painter who paints because it brings her joy. Or the healer who heals because he loves to do so.

And through filling our life with such unconditional love, we discover true joy. For joy and love always belong together. They are of the same energy.

Consequently to experience an abundance of joy we must share an abundance of love. By taking the path from expressing less love to an abundance of love, from less joy to an explosion of joy, we disintegrate as a separate self and, like the primordial Big Bang, create the world and life itself, out of nothing.

Nothing but love ❤️

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