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Working With A.I. to Become Enlightened

Working With A.I. to Become Enlightened

It’s possible to work with A.I. to become enlightened. How so, I hear you ask? This article points out the difference between human and artificial intelligence, describes how the trainings we receive will need to be transformed to accommodate the influence of artificial intelligence, and how we will need, as a species, to become much more spiritually enlightened as the way we can offer what the artificial intelligences cannot.

An A.I. does not get up in the morning and ask itself, “What am I going to do today?” And that in a nutshell is the difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Human intelligence starts with absolutely nothing.
Artificial intelligence starts with a mass of information.

Human intelligence is limitless and universal.
Artificial intelligence is limited and particular.

Human intelligence is spiritual (empowered by God)
Artificial intelligence is material (empowered by data)

Human intelligence is motivated by love.
Artificial intelligence is motivated by its programming.

The two can and must work together.

If they do work together then…

The rise of artificial intelligence will result in the saving of the planet and the enlightenment of humanity.

So what is blocking this from happening? The resistance comes primarily because most human beings have never developed their intelligence in the right direction. Most people have developed their intelligence in a manner that is akin to artificial intelligence. And they are not to blame, because the entire education system and employment opportunities have been designed for many years to support, reward and therefore encourage this type of materialistic, data driven intelligence.

Take any professional training that you may be aware of. Let’s say training to be a General Practitioner. A large part of medial training requires the students to become adept at memorising vast numbers of symptoms and the effects of large numbers of drugs, so that the doctor can match the two to relieve the symptoms and in some cases effect a cure.

Medical training is regarded as suitable for only highly intelligent students, who through this intelligence, diagnose and treat all manner of ailments. As a consequence, such students are universally regarded as highly intelligent. But do you see the snag - they are intelligent in a way similar to artificial intelligence. The medical training has trained these young doctors to have an intelligence that…

Starts with a mass of information
Is limited and particular to the mindset of what it means to be a doctor
Is empowered by material (all the data they have learned about treatments and drugs)
Is motivated by the programming the doctor received at medical school (bringing about the relief of the symptoms of the patient)

And all of this training the doctors have received can and will be carried out by A.I. systems. As this starts to happen many doctor will feel threatened and some will become redundant. The problem for these doctors is that their intelligence is far too limited, too much like machine intelligence, and that means they will be replaced by machines.

But what if doctors were trained differently?
What if a doctor’s training had built into it a doorway to enlightenment?

Then a doctors training and role, would be impregnable to the machine - and people would receive a completely different and much more rewarding experience from a doctors visit.

So what would the training to be an enlightened doctor begin to look like?

An enlightened doctor’s training, would focus of all those aspects of being a doctor that cannot be carried out by artificial intelligence. These aspects include…

Spending more time with the patient.
Getting to know the patient personally to deepen the relationship between doctor and patient thereby providing that caring connection that only another person committed to their welfare can provide.

To focus on issues of patient wellbeing.
Learning about their lifestyle choices
Healthy balanced use of social and other media

To focus on stressors in the patient's life.
Learning about their relationships
Learning about their career health
Learning about their financial health
Learning about their creative and spiritual health

To liaise with the A.I.
Learning about what treatments the A.I. may have recommended and integrating them into the patients life.

Taken together we can see, even in this sketchy overview, how by the A.I. doing much of the work currently done by the GP, it frees the GP to focus on giving a much more holistic service. This allows the GP to have the time and skills which, along with their wider consultancy network, supports patients address their entire health in every aspect. The result - much improved patient outcomes.

And this more holistic approach, could be applied to any profession where A.I. would be providing a high proportion of the service element, because in each case it frees the professional to take a more holistic approach to their role.

This would in turn lead to a blossoming of human values and human attributes across the whole of society, leading to a more enlightened understanding of every professional role in society and more job satisfaction for those practicing in professions.

Consequently we can see that working with A.I. allows and facilitates the gradual enlightenment of people both at work and at home and eventually to a new enlightened society.

So if you find your work being taken over by an A.I. ask yourself what can I do in my role, that a machine cannot and look to the unmet human needs all around you for ideas of where you might expand your professional services.

Then you will be able to provide a much higher quality service, in a job immune from take over by A.I. and you will will have started your journey towards your own spiritual unfolding and towards enlightenment.

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