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You Know You’ve Arrived When Everyone Ignores You!

You Know You’ve Arrived

When you arrive at the mountain top of consciousness you know, because everyone ignores you. With the possible exception of one or two friends who “get you” everybody else keeps their distance.

Why is this?

The enlightened consciousness is largely empty space, free of thoughts and personal interests. And since people relate to one another through their thoughts, interests and attachments, they find they cannot relate to an enlightened one. So they avoid you.

True, some people are fascinated, for a short while, then they discover that relating to you is like staring into a dark pit with a lion at the bottom - then they run away. The lion of course is themselves, their own cruelty and negativity, for the enlightened one is as meek as a lamb. People see their own craziness reflected in your eyes and in your heart. And that’s what they find so scary about relating to you.

The mountaintop is a wonderfully inspiring place, where you breath huge volumes of life enhancing air while you take in the panorama, but few are willing to scale the mountain to join you. Its just too damn scary, because before climbing to the mountain top you have to descend into the pit and kill the lion.

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