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Introduction to Trans4mind Training

Watch an introduction to our interactive video training workshops, which can help you overcome the challenges of living and acquire greater inner peace...

How and Why the Training Works...

Wallace Huey and Peter Shepherd, Co-Founders of the personal development company Trans4mind, have been focused for the last few years on developing the curriculum of Trans4mind Personal Development Training - a series of online video workshops presenting a huge amount of personal development know-how, put together in a wonderful system. It really is the ultimate path for your personal growth and transformation and we are so happy that it’s now available to you.

Would you like to know the best path to take in any situation?
Would you like to feel calm, serene and capable in any situation?
Would you like to be the master of your life instead of its slave?
What is preventing you? Your Life Challenges!

So what are your Life Challenges? They are parts of your life where you experience stress and difficulty. For example: overcoming fear and anxiety, having a successful romantic relationship, or finding your life’s purpose. Trans4mind Training Workshops train you in addressing and mastering these life challenges.

And what are the practical benefits of participating in Trans4mind Training?

Healing Yourself
Being Successful
Loving Relationships
Life’s Big Questions
Connecting with Inner Guidance
Finally, you'll have Trans4mind's Tools for Transformation

Your entry point to Trans4mind Training is to attend the next Skype Meetup With Wallace...

Wallace Huey
All my Meetup online group meetings are funded by student contributions and are free to guests

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