~ Learning from Your True Self ~
True Self
"We are made by love, we are made of love, and we are made for love..."

This page presents powerful tools to help you find the truth of your situation. You may feel stressed, or confused, there may be a lot going on and choices to make that seem a bit overwhelming. Or you may simply need time with yourself, to decide what it is you really want... and just who you are, really?

We each of us need this personal space for reflection. This is a reflection of you, by you; it’s a lens with which to view yourself objectively, evaluate your past, be more aware of your present, and make better choices for the future.

You can use the following text box as a temporary place to start noting down your thoughts, memories, problems, feelings and dreams...

Later you can transfer this text to a document program on your computer or phone, and if you wish, continue to build up a personal journal on a regular basis.

Inner Knowing

Our inner knowing includes conscience, our sense of right and wrong, which is based on our inherent loving nature, the true self. The intellectual mind often has other ideas, so it's best to silence that mind when looking for inner guidance, to simply be with yourself and just know.

We truly need to know our deeper heartfelt selves, to find our inner loving core. It is for each person to discover their own version of truth and to recognize the universal values it contains. The measure of that truth is alignment with the values of loving service.

Your heartfelt feelings, intuition, knowledge, reason, ideas, inspiration, received guidance, understanding, and what you learn or are told … of these, what is actually True or False? Your inner guidance will answer these questions. The following lists are to help you along the way…


Firstly, clarify what it is that you are feeling in broad terms. Note it down. It may be one of the following or something a bit different. Click on FEELINGS to see some choices...

Describe a bit more how you feel overall at this time...

Now, understand better where this feeling comes from, in terms of fears that may underlie the way you feel...


Fears are greatly influenced by our animal instincts for a fight or flight response in survival threatening situations. It's a real feeling but one we may become trapped by; it doesn't reflect our true peaceful, loving and compassionate nature, our more conscious self.

Which kind of FEAR are you feeling?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • From where/when/who/why/how/what did this fear, or fearful behavior, derive?
  • Is the source an authority you've accepted, an imposition or conditioning, based on someone else's view?
  • Is it an intolerance, something you're resisting or something you feel you cannot accept?
  • Is it an enforcement - a should, a can’t, a must, a have to - in order to please others, to meet expectations, or to conform?
  • Is it based on a generalization (like always or never), an exaggeration, or an overly negative or pessimistic outlook?

If one or more of these are relevant to the way you feel, or appropriate to your situation... 

  • recognize and acknowledge the feeling;
  • accept and fully experience the feeling, and stay with it until it completely goes;
  • describe how that feels now in your journal notes.

Make notes of your answers to these questions...

And then, understand better where this feeling comes from, in terms of more positive, heart-felt feelings...


Which kind of LOVE are you experiencing?

If one or more of these are relevant to the way you feel, or appropriate to your situation, recognize, acknowledge and express this loving feeling and the truth it embodies. Describe how this feels in your journal notes.

Make notes about what you are starting to understand more deeply through the light of love...

The answer to your doubts or questions is best found within you. Your truth will always be based on your essential loving nature. This is your inner guidance. The answer you seek will be empowering and lead you to peace.