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The Ultimate Journey
The Ultimate Journey
“If you take one step toward your True Self,
your True Self will take 10 steps toward you.”

We understand your frustration.

You have so much to give.

You are bursting with potential.

You know you are being called to be the person you were born to be.

Your True Self.

But where to focus? How to to begin? Who to tell?

This is where we come in. We know the inside story of being on the outside. We know you are brilliant, wonderful, amazing and you wonder why no one gets it.

That's why we created The Chrysalis and its associated Spiritual Path - to empower your transformation. We are not promising it will be easy, but it’s not impossible either. The key thing to create your alternate reality is learning new skills, raising your awareness and building your personal support team. This will equip you for the new beginning.

Let me introduce you to the tools available...

The Chrysalis - a community of fellow travellers who are there to give and receive support on the journey, facilitated by Wallace personally, who brings his own unique insights to the life challenges you and others are facing.

The Spiritual Path - all the tools, resources and assistance you need to equip you for the major life changes ahead.

The Planet’s Pivot Point - a global movement supported by spiritual and personal development training, to empower ordinary people to act locally where they live to address one of the many crises the planet is facing.

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Wallace Huey - Spiritual Teacher
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