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The birth of a new Golden Age in Ireland

We have the coaching and technology to train large numbers of Irish people to be examples of inner peace in the way they conduct their lives. These Irish people will then collectively give rise to a country at peace with itself.

This is a form of peace that significantly reduces upset by any circumstance or any person. Then through the Presence of these exemplars, peace will grow within our homes, schools, colleges, offices, places of worship, hospitals and everywhere people congregate. Nurturing inner peace is the only solution to creating lasting transformation in Ireland.

To deliver this vision we are creating a community of Meetups, where members can be trained to have inner peace. We currently have Meetups in Dublin, Galway and Cork and in time may open Meetups in other towns and cities across Ireland.

We are inviting spiritual seekers, dedicated to their own spiritual awakening, to get involved.

You can contact me here.

Wallace Huey - Spiritual Teacher

All my Meetups are funded by student contributions and are free to guests

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