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HENS Therapeutic farm

HENS Therapeutic farm

Healing Enhanced by Nature, Social connections and Therapeutic activities

HENS therapeutic farm provides a safe space for users to explore and experience the healing power of nature while forming social connections and engaging in meaningful activities that promote a sense of increased well-being.

The aim is to provide:

Activities include:

My Wish!

My wish is to use the resources of HENS farm and the years of therapeutic and personal experience I have to help others who are on their own recovering and healing journeys.

My wish for you, when you attend HENS farm, is that you feel you are entering into a space of true compassion that allows you to experience a sense of safety and trust, knowing YOU decide, at YOUR OWN PACE, when and what activities you engage in.

My wish is to EMPOWER YOU by providing you with knowledge, techniques and strategies that you will continue to use as you move forward in your daily life with an ever-increasing sense of self-mastery and optimism.

Project Facilitator - Catherine McArdle
Tel - 0044 (0) 7468536904

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