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The Development of Oltian Village, Kenya

Oltian Village


I am Patric from Oltian Village, Amboseli, Kenya. The photo above is of my village members sharing some foodstuffs, because the situation is difficult here with no food to eat, unless donated by friends.

What we miss very much at the community village is water. Being a basic need, the dry soil of Amboseli gets exhausted when blown by the winds and infects us with respiratory diseases instead of producing foodstuffs that can feed our family.

That's why I am pleading that you may donate to the community toward construction of a borehole, for the betterment of our lives. See the details below.

Your touch will have saved a life.

If you would like to make a financial donation to the development of our village get in touch with Patric using email through the following link:

Project Facilitator - Patric Tipape

Here are details of the drilling project we are beginning here at Amboseli village...

Amboseli Project
Amboseli Project

Prices are in Kenyan Shillings (KES) –
1 Dollar = 142 KES, 1 Euro = 155 KES

Wallace says:

"I visited this Maasai village. These people are so happy. They don’t even have running water or water to grow their crops. Some of them are hungry. Yet they are full of joy!

"I sent through this video of me dancing with them, when I was visiting the village. If they can get their well drilled, then they can have water to drink and to grow crops. The chief, Patric, wants to build a school, because in Kenya education costs big money BUT IT IS THE WAY THEY CAN SECURE THE FUTURE LIFE OF THEIR CHILDREN."

Wallace dancing with the village people...

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