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The Vision for Ireland and Beyond

Imagine you have transformed your life, now living in a world where everyone is open to helping everyone else, where every person in their local community has their needs abundantly met and where every person is filled with a powerful sense of purpose to joyfully serve their fellow human being.


“The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.”

~ Sadhguru, Founder Isha Foundation

You don’t have to just imagine it. This is now possible with Share the Pear.

Read on to discover how you can be part of this new worldwide movement...


Share the Pear

Tired of the same old grind?

Would YOU like to live like this?


Heaven on Earth?

Participate in Share the Pear and find out for yourself.

Share the Pear is a purpose designed, small scale, community based, economic system that develops your life skills naturally, releases you from servitude, has you discover what your gifts are and that compliments our mainstream capitalist economic system.

Find out how it works here...

What is Share the Pear?

Boden Park

Share the Pear is a local, token assisted, barter system which is being trialled in Boden Park, a suburban housing estate with approximately 200 homes, in Rathfarnham, Dublin.

It has the following purposes...

How does it work?

Boden Park

The economic system is centred around an online trading platform. Local people who live in Boden Park apply to have services they would like to offer promoted on the platform. Examples of such services would be dog walking, gardening, social engagement services such as mother and baby Meetups, etc.

When people join the platform they have 🍐400 (Pears) lodged to their account. Local barter takes place with the assistance of these tokens, which are added and subtracted from each account as each participant in the service buys another participant’s service or sells their own service. For the simplicity of trading, 🍐1 = €1

10% of all traded services is lodged to a Share the Pear account. These excess tokens are used to pay for the running of the service, using the skills present in the local community.


Share the Pear addresses one of the main disadvantages of the capitalist system - the exploitation of the mass of humanity in varying degrees, through inhuman work practices.

These are some of the ways the current capitalist system does not cater for the needs of individual people....

Share the Pear addresses each of these needs by...

Having everyone providing a service where participants are free to work:

Share the Pear is not conceived as an alternative, but rather as a much simpler complimentary service that’s supports mainstream capitalism, because it supplies many of the small scale services not easily catered for. In so doing it acts as a seed bed for many new initiatives that can cultivate successful enterprise at a small scale - enterprises that can grow to be part of mainstream capitalism, thereby making the main economic system stronger.

social worker

Training options that support participants

To support people in Share the Pear make the transition to new work experiences and greater social engagement, Share the Pear offers a facilitator-assisted, online training programme of 29 interactive video workshops. In this online training participants can select one or more workshops and be trained in how to master the challenges they are facing as they up-skill to a Share the Pear participant. This applies whether they are in a leadership or participant role.

To view the training and select a suitable workshop go to - My Breakthrough Experience.

community heart

In conclusion Share the Pear serves to...

Once Share the Pear has been successful as a prototype it will be packaged up and offered, along with training, to make it easy for other small communities in Ireland, and eventually overseas, to empower Share the Pear and bring the same benefits to their neighbourhood.

Would YOU like to live in a community like this?

To learn more or to participate in the Share the Pear vision contact me here:

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