Wallace Huey - Dublin Hapenny Bridge
Wisdom of the Woods...
A Woodsman's guide to enlightenment
By Wallace Huey

heart to heart The Wisdom of the Woods is a serialised fictional story, which conveys spiritual Truths through the eyes of a Woodsman. The bulk of this fictional tale is set in the Woodsman’s bedroom where he is visited, as he lies on his deathbed, by members of the community to which he belongs. To the members of the community, the Woodsman is only a simple man who tends the woods and looks after the grounds and to whom they pay little regard.

Hearing of his impending ending, each member of the community comes forward to comfort the Woodsman in what they perceive to be his hour of need. However each visitor is surprised to discover that the Woodsman is completely without self pity and turns the tables on their expectations by seeing through to each person’s essence. Harnessing the power inherent in his situation he coaches them in how to go beyond all difficulties through understanding the lessons and Truths found in nature. The book ends with profound transformation, as the whole community is touched by his passing.

By reading this story, you will be given insight into the Truths inherent in nature. Such insight will penetrate your Heart and you will never be the same again! Such is the power of The Wisdom of the Woods.

“Contemplate on the beginning of things, of nature, of life, of man, of the heart - all emanating from God and journeying towards God. Dwell on the grandeur of this procession from birth to liberation, through life after life. Become aware that you, Nature and all that is, was and will be, are God.” – Sai Baba.

The Wisdom of the Woods starts with a video, set to music specially created for the story by Steve Wyse, a composer and musician. In the audios that accompany this series, the stories are read by Peter Shepherd.

The story itself begins with the Woodsman’s last day at work and ends with his burial and the transformation of the community of which he is still very much a part. All the other intervening chapters are set in his bedroom where members of the community come to visit him.

Steve Wyse wrote the lyrics and music, sang and plaid all instruments except the violin, performed by Kelly Shively. Peter Shepherd produced the video, using stills shot by Wallace. We are grateful to Steve for his beautiful and moving contribution to this project. He has long been attracted to produce music inspired by the energies of nature, in particular the trees, and his music becomes a powerful tool for healing.

You can choose to read the story straight through and benefit from all the Woodsman’s wisdom, or you can click on the life challenges that interest you the most and read what the Woodsman has to say about each of them. In this way you can use The Wisdom of the Woods to receive coaching of a subtle and profound kind, on the challenges you are currently facing.

The story and the characters are fictional, but the setting and environment are taken from the community in Ireland where Wallace’s friend, the woodsman Andrew McKibbin, lives and works.

Once completed the book will be published in paperback form as well as online and offered to the public. Here are the chapters of the book that have been written so far...

Healing yourself
Being guided from within
Cope with loss
Be a person of integrity
Achieve success
Master Money
Be non-judgmental
Nurture your children
Understand death
Living consciously together on earth