Wallace Huey - Dublin Hapenny Bridge
Wisdom of the Woods...
A Woodsman's guide to enlightenment
By Wallace Huey



This book is a collaborative effort between Andrew Mc Kibbin, my friend of 30 years standing, and myself. I first met Andrew in an architect’s office in Newtownards, County Down in Northern Ireland. We worked for a local architect in a small room upstairs. It was our first job in the profession for which we were trained. Andrew was 19 and I was 20 and like many young men that age we laughed and joked as we spent our days at the drawing board.

At that time we had no idea that our friendship was to last so long, or that Andrew and I would, before long, leave the architecture profession and find our true destiny in very different occupations – Andrew living alone, as a single man, who worked as a woodsman in a local curative community and I, married and living 100 miles away in Dublin, working as a writer and life coach.

However although our professional and personal lives became very different, by following our distinct calling, we both developed a philosophy of life that was strikingly similar. It is this philosophy that is presented to you in this short book. The book is fictional, although it is based on Andrew’s life in his curative community.

As you begin to read this short volume, you will see your own life reflected in its pages. You will receive sound advice and distinct guidance on your many problems all offered from the heart of a woodsman.

“Do you realise Andy, that when people have met you they say, 'That was Andrew McKibbin – so what,' and they just pass you by and miss what your life is all about. I’ve seen it happen. Are you ever offended?”
“No I am not. Whenever that happens I realise that they are looking for something I don’t offer. They are looking for someone with glamour or a certain position in society – someone with status. I don’t offer any of these things, so they move on. However the few people who are interested in what I have to share, stay, and become good friends. In time they discover what I am about.”
“I know what you mean Andy. You really are someone that your friends discover over time. I’d like to get your work and your philosophy out to a wider audience through this book. It will take very little work on your part and no expense. Do you realise that by spreading your philosophy with so little effort on your part, you will be adopting a very spiritual approach?”
He smiled.

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